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STYLE // 02

1coolGuys, this is about as colourful as I get. This weekend I had to wear colour for an event and all I could find was this blue dress and a pink cardigan in amongst the mountain of grey and black. I first bought this dress in grey and I liked it so much that I was going to buy a second grey dress (I know, how unadventurous) but instead my mom made me try this blue one on and the rest was history (as one says). I’ve actually been holding off on this post for a while (I have a new hairstyle!) because it was so colourful (and I am so not used to that). Here’s to wearing more colour (maybe). Oh (this paragraph has way too many sets of parentheses)!


I hope you have the loveliest weekend. I’m going to the Bluebird Garage tonight and a baby shower tomorrow. xx


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    CURRENTLY // 01


    I have always loved seeing what other bloggers love, read, watch and do. So when the “Currently” trend popped up I was delighted. Since I first laid eyes on one of these posts I’ve wanted to do one myself. So here it goes.

    Reading: I’ve been reading a book called Titans of History by Simon Sebag Montefiore for the past few months. Being the history lover I am, this book is incredible. It is full of mini biographies of great and infamous people in history: from Caligula and Hitler to Anne Frank and Gandhi. It truly is one of the most amazing books for all those who enjoy history. I also just finished reading a really short but super informative and creative book called It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden. I’ve also been super inspired by some rad blogs: Breanna Rose, Bleubird and Design Love Fest.

    Watching: This week has not been a huge TV week for me, which is quite something to say if you look at how much TV I have watched in the last month. That being said I am looking forward to watching the new Downton Abbey, Mentalist, Elementary (hello, I love evryting Sherlock Holmes) and Law and Order SVU episodes.

    Learning: I have recently learned that it’s ok to fail sometimes and also that changing your mind about something isn’t failure but rather a learning process. When I was reading last night I found this really important-to-me quote by Samuel Beckett, “Fail fail again. Fail better.” I’ve also been learning that it is important to do what you’re passionate about because then it really doesn’t feel like work. On a practical level, I have also been teaching myself a little bit more about Photoshop using online tutorials.

    Listening to: The Lumineers is one of those bands that I can listen to anytime and all the time and still love it – I have been listening to (and singing) The Dead Sea over and over lately.

    Anticipating: I’m super excited about my 21st birthday party, which is in less than 2 weeks away (guys, I’m 21 in less than 2 weeks! Eek!). I still have LOADS to finish up (read: start) like decor, the playlist, etc. I’m also really looking forward to summer and swimming and picnics.


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    STYLE // 01


    If you know me then you know that my wardrobe consists (almost) entirely of black and grey items. This outfit is basically my uniform – it is what I wear when I have no inspiration, time or energy to decide upon a more creative look. I probably wear it once a week (ok, sometimes I wear it twice on a really bad week) but it’s simple and neutral so that’s ok, right? Ha. Oh, and don’t mind my tritone hair – it’s the result of DIY ombre’ from high school and at least 3 different box dyes to try and get rid of said ombre’-from-high-school. It’s a work in progress friends.




    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first outfit post slash minor ramblings. Here’s to a rad weekend, friends. xxx


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    Saturday Style

    Where: garage sale, farmer’s market, bookshop.

    What: black tights, loose grey tank top, slouchy light grey sweater, black snood, canvas shopper bag and a pair of mocassins.

    Why: Spending a relaxing morning browsing through a little book shop and grabbing a coffee is one of my favourite things to do. When I’m spending my time this way I want to feel comfortable but I also don’t want to look messy – that’s why neutral colours, tights and a slouchy jersey are the answer. The outfit is still comfy but the simple colour combinations keep it from looking like I just fell out of bed. Perfect.


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    I  love hair buns, I’m kind of obsessed. My favourite type of bun is the sock bun – it is my go-to hairstyle, especially on bad hair days so I decided to do a little Sock Bun DIY vlog.

    What you’ll need:

    sock/leg warmer
    a pair of scissors
    hair tie
    bobby pins (optional)

    Here are a few of my favourite ways to get a perfect sock bun:

    1. Make sure your hair is knot & tangle free (even if it is dirty).
    2. Tie your hair in high ponytail rather than a normal ponytail to create more of an impact.
    3. Use a cut-off tube sock (or a leg warmer) rather than a normal healed sock.
    4. Use a sock that is a similar colour to your hair so you won’t see the sock peeking through the bun.
    5. Use a bigger sock to get a fuller volumed bun.


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    Where: Paris, France (or to a french film/to eat macarons)

    What: boat-neck nautical striped top, black ballet pumps, black skinny jeans, charcoal slouchy cardigan and a black Chanel bag.

    Why: As a self-confessed francophile, the reason to wear this outfit is simply because it encompasses all things Bardot and Parisian. It is simple and altogether made up of very classic pieces so in essence this outfit should never go out of style (I mean, Brigitte and Audrey both wore this sort of outfit in the fifties).


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    What to wear to uni


    Where: University/Class

    What: skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt, a warm jersey, comfy shoes and socks, a snood and a shopper bag.

    Why: When you go to university you want to be comfortable because you’re going to be there the whole day and walking to all your different classes. It’s important that  you wear layers as when you wake up early to leave for uni it can be cold but as the day progresses it can become increasingly warmer. When you’ve pulled an all-nighter writing a paper, you don’t want to have to worry what to wear when you’re tired and in a rush to leave so it’s important to keep things basic. A shopper is also the perfect bag for university because it is large enough and strong enough to carry your books and/or your laptop without breaking. By keeping the colours neutral it will make putting together your outfit so much easier.

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    found here

    I love buns: fun buns, sock buns, bow buns and top knots. I wear buns almost daily and they’re the easiest thing to do with my hair. I have thick, wavy hair and if I don’t have the time or energy to make it all pretty and straight then up it goes into a little knot at the top of my head.

    I think buns are great but that doesn’t mean they haven’t gotten me into some awkward situations like not being able to sit up straight in the car because my bun is so high it keeps hitting the roof. The most embarrassing thing though was something I said. I have an affinity with taking pictures of my hair on Instagram and I commented once to my sister that “I really like taking photos of my buns” – cue awkward innuendos. It’s one of the funnier things I’ve said.

    I have just recently tried the sock bun and although it’s not the quickest and easiest bun to put my hair into it is close becoming my favourite. The bow bun is another lovely one that really is just pretty. I learned how to do it on Elycia’s blog. The top knot is the easiest because all i have to do is twist my hair up at the top of my head. And as far as fun buns go, well, I think that they’re all pretty fun.

    What is your favourite type of bun or hairstyle?


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